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Herb Magic – Love, Prosperity, Healing, Protection & Psychic Awareness

Herb Magic – Love, Prosperity, Healing, Protection & Psychic Awareness


  • Put a few drops of lavender tincture in a bottle of perfume and wear it to attract men.
  • Dragon’s Blood together with other love herbs can be burned to draw love to you.
  • Soak a cup of fresh red or pink rose petals in a bottle of vodka for three days. Mix the mixture with a pail of tap water and take a bath with it on the night of the full moon. While doing this, visualize that you are surrounded by pink light and say this three times:

    “Let true love find me, the one who is my destiny.
    Let everlasting love see me, come to me, so mote it be!”

    It should manifest within 1 to 3 cycle of moon. To empower the spell, you should do this for 3 consecutive full moons.

Prosperity or Financial Success

  • Hang a cinnamon stick over the front door to invite prosperity into your home.
  • Soak basil leaves in water for 3 days and sprinkle the water around your home or business premises to attract financial success.
  • Wrap a nutmeg seed in a green cloth and carry it to bring luck during games of chance.


  • Burn rosemary or myrrh as incense to clear the air and promote healing.
  • Cut an onion into two halves and sleep next to it to reduce a high fever.
  • Put a handful of dried cloves under the pillow of a sick person to speed up his or her recovery.

Repel Unwanted Forces

  • Sage can be burned as incense to cleanse a person, group of people or place.
  • Fumigate the house with Frankincense and Myrrh to ward off evil spirits.
  • Burn dried nettle leaf to reverse a curse or black magic and return it to the sender.

General Protection

  • Hang a clove of garlic over a door to keep bad spirits at bay.
  • Place St. George’s Sword plant in front of the door to block unwanted forces from entering your house or office.
  • Burn black pepper to protect a person or a place from evil spirits.
  • Carry a black small bag with dried St. John's Wort to protect yourself from evil forces.
  • Hang a sachet of dried Wormwood flowers and leaves in your car for protection against accidents.

Psychic Awareness

  • Wear oregano on your head during sleep to promote psychic dreams.
  • Burn wormwood as incense to enhance psychic awareness.
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