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5 Common Signs of Psychic Attack

psychic attack, spiritual attack

Psychic attack is a term that refers to negative energy being projected towards you, either consciously or subconsciously. Psychic attacks are not only a byproduct of hexes or spells, they can also come from a people or an unseen entity who intentionally focus negative energy towards you.

More importantly, we can also draw these negative energies into our lives without any influence from external forces. This often occurs when we are being controlled by a self-defeating behavior. Therefore, the chances of becoming a victim of a psychic attack are high for people who are weak on a spiritual level.

Here are the five common signs of psychic attack.

1. Sudden changes in behavior

One of the ways to know if a person is under a psychic attack is by comparing his/her usual self and the sudden change in behavior, attitude or thinking. For example, for no apparent reason, you realize that you have been adopting some new behavior, or some changes in your personality, which do not make any sense.

When you go over these changes, you find out that there is no root cause to these changes. Your friends or family even point out to you the difference; your current behavior and compare that to what you were. Let’s say that you are usually a positive person and yet suddenly you become depressive, for no reason at all. We can say that you are a victim of a psychic attack.

2. Never ending misfortunes

First, you lost your job, and then your partner broke up with you, and a family member dies. You suddenly experience these series of unfortunate events and become miserable, knowing that you don’t deserve these string of bad luck. These circumstances usually happen when you are under a psychic attack, when you are a victim of a curse, or the target of witchcraft.

3. Ongoing fatigue for no reason

If out of the blue and without cause you feel suddenly weak and drained, you may be under psychic attack.

4. Disturbing nightmares

If you are having recurring nightmares, it may be a sign that someone or something is trying to make your life unpleasant. The psychic attack is manifested in your nightmares. You wake up feeling disturbed and edgy. You also lose sleep and become less productive.

5. Spirit possession

I dealt with a young man who was being possessed by a malefic spirit. He started behaving strangely after killing a large monitor lizard, which lived by the seashore near their house. His condition began to worsen when he was exposed to the smoke of the burnt monitor lizard.

The next day, the young man stabbed himself in the stomach with a kitchen knife. Amidst his unruly behavior, his family managed to bring him to the hospital. He was in critical condition as his self-inflicted injury caused his intestines to be compromised. At this point, his family approached the local or village “albularyo” to ask for advice, as he was not getting better. Even the “albularyo’ refused to cure him.

With the help of my spirit guides, I was able to restore the young man’s “diwa” and he became normal again. I learned that the man was possessed after killing the lizard. He incurred the anger of a nature spirit who was the owner of the said creature.

The first step in dealing with a psychic attack is awareness. You need to immediately know the signs and symptoms of an attack, so that you would know how to deal with it.

If the attack is something that you can handle, then you can try using our Psychic Attack Buster Kit. Each kit contains seven (7) bags of bath salt infused with powerful herbs and oils, seven (7) healing candles, a bottle of good luck oil, and a protective bracelet made of crystals.

You can also use the Spell Breaker Oil Perfume. This is composed of spell-breaking essentials oil and lots of magick.

For complicated cases, please email Babaylan Tata Adlaw at tatacurandeiro@gmail.com.
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